You know you’re ready to buy a house when…

6 Signs It's Time to Buy

Buying a house is one of life’s biggest decisions—and while it can be difficult to know the exact right time to buy, sometimes the signs are obvious. If any of these ring true, it’s time to stop renting and make a move to a space of your own.

  • You’re ready to set down roots

When you’re just starting out, it can be fun to bounce from apartment to apartment and neighborhood to neighborhood. But as you get older, you’re wanting to put down some roots. You’re ready for your neighborhood: to have your local coffee shop, your local watering hole and a community of schools and parks to call your own.

  • Your dog is getting cabin fever

That guilt-inducing glare you get from your pooch during each morning walk around the block? It’s saying, “Set me free!” With a backyard to call their own, your furry best friend can run themselves ragged while exploring a cavalcade of smells, from fresh cut grass to crinkly autumn leaves.

  • You re-decorate every chance you get

Are you an interior decorating ace? Can you lose hours to fabric swatches and images of the perfectly Feng Shuied sun room? If so, you need a canvas to let your skills flourish. A new home is a blank slate that you can fill with the furnishings, colors and accent pieces that define you.

  • Your homebrewing hobby is taking over the kitchen…and the living room

Hobbies are a great way to unwind and spend quality time with friends. But things get cramped in an apartment, and your part-time passion may need a space to call its own. If you’re hungering to turn a garage into your homebrewing laboratory, or a spare bedroom into your painting studio, it’s time to start thinking about buying.

  • You’re hankering to home improve

Do you geek out over home-improvement videos? Do you love unleashing your tools and creativity on a weekend shelf-installation project? With a home of your own, you can take pride in knowing your home improvement skills will benefit your property (as opposed to your landlord’s), and that your fix-it skills could save you some cash.

  • Your window box garden is outgrowing its welcome

Does your green thumb need a place to thrive? If your window box garden is your pride and joy, or your back patio of potted plants is looking like the Amazon, just imagine what you could create with a dedicated garden to call your own.

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