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Dianne Crosby

Branch Manager/VP of Mortgage Lending
1400 Shattuck Ave, Suite 1, Berkeley, CA 94709
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NMLS: 304682
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Thank you Dianne for everything you and your team has done for us. Everything went so smoothly and we can't thank you enough for making our dreams come true. We loved working with you and we can't wait to work with you and your team again.

Mike Y. and Iris W. - March | 2017

From our very first call, Dianne walked us through the process. She asked a lot of questions to get a clear sense of our financial picture, and let us know that she and her team would put together a loan package so complete that it would actually make our bid more competitive in the extremely difficult Bay Area market...and she was right! We entered a bid on the 7th and had the keys to our first home in hand 25 days later.

Dave and Sara W. - March | 2017

Dianne and her team were amazing. I was referred to Dianne by my mother when she told me what a great job Dianne did for her on her own home. From the day I met Dianne in person I knew I was in good hands. The rest of her team made the process extremely easy and were helpful when I had questions along the way. I would most definitely recommend to a friend!

Andrew D. - February | 2017

Dianne and her team were great! I spoke to Adam Hoganson and Jennifer Maloney several times throughout the process. They were all professional, helpful, positive and personal in handling my loan experience. It was much appreciated. Thank you!

Alexa K. - February | 2017

Dianne Crosby and her team worked hard to make this happen. I highly recommend Dianne to all friends and family.

Nazanin N.

Dianne and her team were lovely and very responsive. I thought they made it very easy.

Bruce M.

Dianne Crosby is amazing to work with. My second time using her, and she met my expectations again.

Jason I.

The process was not only quick and easy, it was precise. Each person on Dianne Crosby's team provided clear and concise instructions. Adam, and Jennifer made sure they had all the information, documents, and approvals required for underwriting. We were able to sign the final documents at home and everything was complete in about 30 days. A sincere thanks to everyone for an exceptional experience.

Scott A.

Our loan officer, Dianne Crosby, and her team were professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. The loan process was relatively stress free, and we felt that Dianne was able to take into account our financial situation and family needs when presenting loan options. The team was responsive by phone or email any time we reached out to them. Dianne worked well with our realtor to ensure that timelines were met.

Cari Y.

Dianne Crosby and team went above and beyond to make this happen for us. Awesome service and a show of DWIT (Do What It Takes).

Uri S.

We came to Guaranteed Rate because of Diane Crosby. We have worked with her in the past and were very satisfied with the loan we closed and the customer service we received. We had another great experience this round.

Matthew S.

All the staff are amazing. They made the process so simple and smooth.

Van H.

Dianne and her team were great. Everyone was very prompt and responsive. I know it was a great effort to get everything done on a tight deadline.

Shi K.

Our particular loan scenario was very complicated-- My father-in-law bought our house all cash in February, because our equity was tied up in another property. We sold the other property and paid him back half. He then deeded the property to us, and we had an unsecured note in place with him to be repaid once we got a loan. Little did we know, this approach set us up for some significant challenges getting our loan. 1) We were still within the 6 month seasoning period, so no cash out refis were...

Mark K.

Dianne and her team were on the ball! On top of each step, and fast! I've already given her name out to two people!

Denise J.

Dianne was great in helping to get my loan process completed and approved from beginning to end. Krissy and Karen also were wonderful in helping me with my questions along the way. I would definitely recommend Guaranteed Rate to my friends.

Jennifer M.

The whole team did a fantastic job on my refinance. Rita especially went the extra mile to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible and she always responded promptly. I appreciated her hard work and positivity. I also really appreciated Adrian's assistance with recording the transfer deed. Thank you so much!!! I would highly recommend Guaranteed Rate, and have already recommended it to a friend.

Bangert G.

Knowledgeable, friendly, accessible people. A fine experience.

Stephen G.

Dianne Crosby and her team at Guaranteed Rate did an excellent job with getting my loan funded. Communicating with them was easy and any issues that arise was resolved in a prompt professional manner. Thank you Dianne for getting me my loan.

Eliezer B.

Not the easiest process to go through, but I felt like Team Dianne really helped me understand everything, and had my back throughout the whole experience. Thank you for your support!

Aaron H.

Dianne Crosby and her staff were completely professional, focused, attentive, proactive, and helpful throughout the entire refinancing process. They answered all of our questions promptly, and they were unfailingly polite and courteous. We will use them if we refinance again, and we'll most definitely recommend them to our friends.

Adrian E.

Dianne, Adam and their team were knowledgeable, efficient and always available to discuss questions or concerns regarding our loan process. We appreciate all their help in getting us into our new home. Thank you!

Sarah T.

Thank you for the extra effort in helping us close our home in such a short period! You all were fantastic. Couldn't be happier.

Jamie W.

This was the best experience I've had with refinancing my home and the fourth time I've done it!

Taylor S.

Dianne Crosby and her team were a delight to work with - great, courteous and prompt service!

Jallel H.

I continue to have peace of mind in my home, thx to you. Warmly,

Judith S.

You did a great job for us and we will definitely be coming back to you in the future. Cheers,

Sean P.

I first met Dianne some years ago when the housing market crashed and we were looking for advice on what to do with our mortgage. Dianne gave great advice, explaining the pros and cons of each course of action. Later, she re-connected with us when she moved over to Guaranteed Rate, just when we were looking to combine our first and second mortgages. She gives excellent customer service and the whole process was fairly painless. Guaranteed Rate sets up everything for you- the appraisal, the...

S K. 2/23/2016

All Dianne, all the time. Worked with her several times now and she is consistent at being AMAZING! This woman is your "partner" in home financing. Dianne and her team are strategic, extremely knowledgeable, impeccable listeners & problem solvers, communicative, and great at setting expectations - because, her goal is to help you achieve yours, and she follows through - or she'll tell you upfront she can't. She is highly regarded by Real Estate Agents as well. A solid 10 if we had the option, I...

Jennifer R. 2/14/2016

Dianne is a true professional. She was an incredible help to me in orienting me during my first home purchase and instrumental in closing my loan. My first meeting with Dianne was on a Sunday. She was direct and to the point. I've been in my home now for a couple weeks and I can't thank Dianne enough for her hard work. I would recommend Dianne to anyone who is looking for a Mortgage.

DKan83. 11/16/2015

Dianne is simply amazing. I contacted her on a Sunday afternoon, based on Yelp reviews, not expecting a response till Monday. I was in a bit of a panic since this was our first time buying property in the Bay Area (we are relocating from Chicago) and I could see that the market moves at the speed of light. Luckily, Dianne does too. Not only did she write back that afternoon but she also led me through the whole prequalification process that day and got me the preapproval letter I needed to make...

Karen T. 1/15/2016

Dianne was introduced to us by our realtor. She is professional, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and is a real pleasure to work with. Everyone on her staff went out of their way to make the process easy. I will use her again and have recommended her to others.

Ann S. 4/21/2015

Dianne made the intimidating process of getting a mortgage for a first-time buyer like my wife and I, as painless an experience as one could hope for. She and her staff were always very direct with what they needed and why they needed it and explained more when we had questions. As if that weren't enough, she also reached out to us about refinancing multiple times when the market dictated it and worked for us to get the best rates we could, putting our monthly payments at 10% less than those...

John P. 2/24/2015

We worked with Dianne for our refinance and had an excellent experience. Dianne and her team were very helpful, quick and easy to communicate with, and saved us a lot of money on our mortgage. There was a hiccup along the way that was my fault and Dianne and her team made it look easy to fix. I would definitely recommend Dianne and her team!

E and J. 12/25/2014

Dianne Crosby is fierce. My wife and I contacted her to see what our options were for buying a house. Five months later, we were sitting in it. She tells you what information she needs at every step of the process. She is detail oriented and focuses your attention on all of the elements needed at present. She got us a great rate but even deeper than that, she gave us a realistic idea of what we could afford.Dianne acts fiercely on behalf of her clients and her co-workers are just as...

Dimitri M. 12/17/2014

Dianne helped us get our mortgage when we bought our house in 2007. Since then we had contacted her about refinancing, but for various market reasons we could not. But Dianne kept us in mind and contacted us when things changed. From there we smoothly rolled to our refi. Dianne and her team did a great job of shepherding us through the process. Everything was done by phone and email and we ended up with a great deal.

Andrew S. 11/18/2014

I have been working with Dianne and her team for over five years through multiple deals- selling, buying and through exchanges. During my first buy she was able to explain everything to me in a way that a first time home buyer could appreciate, especially with real estate being a little intimidating for the first timer. She always responds promptly and her reputation definitely comes into play when a seller has multiple offers to choose from. Having a pre-approval letter from Dianne shows the...

Jeremy R. 11/1/2014

I very much appreciate everything Dianne and her team has done for us. We were purchasing a 2nd home in the bay area. Our complexity was that we are living in China and has to work through tough time zones. Our first lender completely dropped the ball and we had very little time to close the deal. Through all the challenges, Dianne and her team was able to help us meet the deadline and we were able to get the loan through (at a better rate!) within less than 2 weeks. Outstanding effort and I...

Dq L. 10/8/2014

About Dianne

I entered the mortgage industry in 2001, and learned it from my sister, a mortgage broker who had been in the business for over 20 years. Her office was in Campbell, California and I entered at the top of the "dot-com" boom. Rates suddenly declined. I loved the fast pace, relevance to my background in Economics, and ability to see tangible results for our clients. I became licensed in 2002. With my training over, it was time to develop my own pipeline. I joined Holmgren & Associates for 1.5 years and then was recruited to LaSalle Financial, a net branch of RPM, owned by The Grubb Company. I was a top producing agent at RPM from the start, and during the past several years have consistently been among the top 2-3 agents at this 400 agent company, often as #1 in purchase transactions.

Honors and Awards:

RPM Diamond/Platinum Club: 2006-2015;

Mortgage Executive magazine, #46

Scotsman's Guide: #13 Loan Originator Nationwide 2013, #33 in 2014, and #66 for 2015

Top Producers Panel, CMPS Institute, in 2015, I was a panelist on a national speakers tour.

I attended the University of California, Berkeley, where I obtained a BA in Economics with Honors. I then attended the University of California, Berkeley Hastings College of the Law for my JD and I graduated in 1985. I was self-supporting throughout.

I am an empty nester who raised three children who are in college or on their own. I was born and raised in Cupertino during the birth of Silicon Valley. I lived in Berkeley while attending Cal, San Francisco during and after Law School. I moved to a beautiful neighborhood called Crocker Highlands in Oakland in 1988 and still live in that home. Some of my favorite pastimes include skiing, scuba diving, hiking and attending live events such as the Berkeley Symphony, where I am a member of the Advisory Council. I am an avid reader, and favor historical novels and biographies...and the Wall Street Journal!

Dianne interview Q&A

What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
I consider myself a personal strategist for my clients. I enjoy taking a client's file and helping to find ways to finance a home that the client may initially feel is out of their reach. I also enjoy talking about the economics behind the mortgage market and rate fluctuations. I partner with my clients to find the best loan product and lock at the right time.
How has the mortgage industry changed since you started, and what would you expect in the future?
During my initiation to this industry I learned to verify income even if the guidelines did not require it. Lenders used to offer a "stated income" loan, but my mentors advised to do the math with the client anyway. Self-employed clients and those re-entering the workplace after a period have benefited from this type of loan. Sometimes, their qualifying income was less than actual earnings and indeed, they should have been the recipients of this type of financing. Today, this is no longer an option. The Bay Area is a prime location for entrepreneurs and they have been hurt by the exceptionally strict income guidelines. Neither extreme is beneficial in our industry and my expectation is that things will somehow balance themselves out in the future. We are seeing a few indications of this already. Private bankers take a holistic approach to a file. Mortgage banks need to have this ability.
What part of the home loan process do customers find most difficult and how do you help them through it?
The bar for entry into our industry is too low. We ought to have an apprenticeship or internship requirement. Clients are often confused about the process before they even start and then get inaccurate information about what is expected of them. Ads can sometimes make people think that getting a mortgage is no different from ordering take out. The most difficult part of the process is that homeowners come to it with a series of misconceptions about what is expected. I spend a lot of time talking to clients up front to develop trust, learn about the process, destruct myths and begin to see what the process today is going to require.
Are you active in any local associations or community groups, and at what level? What goals and/or success have you helped these groups achieve?
Berkeley Symphony Advisory Council Member:

Committee Member, Oakland-Berkeley Association of Realtors, Community Fund:

Leadership Team Member and Former President, Business Growth Network, BNI:
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
In 2014, as a college graduation gift for my daughter, we flew to Iceland to dive in a glacier, in water that poured out of the mountain, creating a crevice between the North American and European tectonic plates.

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