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John Paul Mulchay

Branch Manager
9121 W. Russell Road, Suite 210, Las Vegas, NV 89148
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NMLS: 375868
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About John Paul

Prior to embarking on my Financial career, I spent 15 years working in Hospitality. My final six years of Hospitality work was with the Four Seasons Resorts, the global leader in customer service, and why service is so ingrained in my business practices. I was inspired to make a career change by two Real Estate Agents whose clients had suffered due to lack of customer service from their lending partners. They encouraged me to obtain my license to lend then partnered with me as their lender of choice and I’ve never looked back.

Clearly the mortgage industry has changed since I originally licensed back in 2002 and I expect change to continue regarding guidelines, loan programs, and regulation. Driving my knowledge to be the accurate source of information for my clients and partners positions me to be a true asset to each of them. Staying proactive, driving my knowledge, and applying impeccable customer service allows me to stay nimble and remain comfortable with change to best serve my clients.

Interestingly, I often receive calls from potential home buyers thinking they need 20% down to buy a house (not a requirement). There are many misconceptions about home loans that continually circulate—down payment requirements, fear of adjustable rate loans, what does pre-qualification mean, etc. I am your advocate. ASK ME! I take pride in understanding the “why” part of the business and understanding the “why” reduces anxiety during the home buying process.

I was born and raised in Arizona where most of my family still resides. I spent nearly a year living in and travelling through Mexico, where my father was born. In fact, I bought a sail boat for that adventure although I had never set foot on a sail boat before buying one! Turned out to be a wonderful journey, met many wonderful and interesting people, and learned a lot about myself. I still love sailing to this day!


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